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Sao Paulo . Brazil
Illustration, Graphic Design and Silk Screen

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Zansky does illustrations and graphic projects for magazines, books,  websites, videos, music albuns, t-shirts and other several stuffs. His works are very graphical with bold usage of the colors limited or not.
His passion for printmaking/ printing processes are part of creation. Beside of the illustration work he does his own posters and publications in Edições de Zaster since 2014. Edições de Zaster works as an experimentation lab in screenprinting (silkscreen) and other print processes.
Another side project is Rart Rixers, a doble with the artist Rebeca Catarina they explore the drawing with the opposite hand (left hand). And from 2003-2016 worked in the group BASE-V.

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UNESP – Visual arts
ETEC Carlos de Campos – Visual Communication

Some Clients:
Publishers: Carambaia, Todavia, Cosac Naify, Martin Claret, FTD, Ática, Moderna, Mol, Leya //  magazines: Super Interessante, Época Negócios, Quatro Rodas, Alfa, Educatrix, The New Republic (USA), Popular Mechanics(USA), KulturSpiegel (Germany), Kulturalstauch(Germany), Novum (Germany), Subbacultcha (Netherlands) // Folha de S. Paulo and Estado de S. Paulo // Special projects Microsoft, Puma, Society6, Canson.

Featured Publications:
Silkscreen Masters, GG Brazil(and other countries 2018
Dpi Mag 215, Taiwan, 2017
Novum, March, 2015
All Rights Reserved, S6 Press, 2012
Idn Mag, 2012
Illustrators In&Out, Cypi Press, 2011
Latino Grafico – Visual Culture from Latin America, Gestalten, 2010
Silk Screen Basics – A Complete how to handbook, Gingko Press, 2010
Stuffz – Design on materials, Gingko Press, 2009.

Other References:
Edições de Zaster
Rart Rixers